Additional Learning Needs

Over the last few years there have been lots of changes taking place in Welsh Education with regards to Additional Learning Needs and the Educational Tribunal Act (ALNET). In line with these changes we have been working with RCT education services and our cluster schools to ensure that we provide the best possible education for your children as we can.

We have put information on this webpage that we feel will be helpful to you to understand what has happened.

Please click on the website links on this page to find out more about each section.

Here is an easy read copy of the Bill:

Easy read explanation of the ALN bill.pdf

Additional Learning Needs (ALN) in Wales is changing. Let’s see what is happening...

What will happen?

How will it affect you.pdf

A Parent's Guide to Additional Learning Needs 

If you are unsure of the Additional Learning Needs process then please open the link below. The animation video will help you understand what will happen.

2. A4 CYP Parent Info ALN Apppeals.pdf

Sometimes children have difficulty understanding what the teacher is asking. This video will explain how children can feel and what they and the teacher can do.

If you are unsure what your teacher is saying to you open the link below:

3. A4 CYP Information poster.pdf

If you are not happy with the support you're getting at school

If you are not happy with the support you’re getting at school open the link below and watch the animation. It will show you the next step.

4. A4 CYP Information poster SENTW.pdf

RCT Learning Support service also has a series of services that will help you with ALN. Click on the links that will take you he sites.


Useful Information on ALNET Act and Appeals for parents



We hope that this information will be helpful.

If you feel that you still need help or clarification on points then please do not hesitate to come and speak to us.

J. Piper