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Come and meet the staff at our school! smiley

Mrs. B. Wade - Headteacher

Mr. P. Milinczuk (Senior Leader) - Acting Deputy Headteacher/ Yr 3/4

Mrs. B. Chidlow- Reception Teacher

Mrs. J. Piper (Senior Leader)- Yr 1 Teacher

Mrs. D. Tasker (Seconded Senior Leader)- Yr 2 Teacher

Mrs. N. Fenaroli - Year 4/5 Teacher

Mr. C. Hodges- Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs. S. Allan - Nursery HLTA  


Mrs. K. Reardon- School Clerk

Mrs. N. Hughes- Family Engagement Officer


Mrs. C. Davies- Teaching Assistant

Mrs. K. Pike- Teaching Assistant

Mrs. K. Owen- Teaching Assistant

Miss J. Trampelli- Teaching Assistant

Miss S. Holder- Teaching Assistant

Mrs. G. Jeffries- Teaching Assistant

Mrs. C. Jones- Teaching Assistant

Miss A-M. Murphy- Teaching Assistant


Miss N. Griffiths- Learning Support Assistant

Ms. L. Williams- Learning Support Assistant


Mr. G. Brown - School Caretaker


Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs Y. Nicholls - Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs. L. Davies - Mid-Day Supervisor

Miss N. Griffiths - Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs. A. Harrison - Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs. C. Jones - Mid-Day Supervisor


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