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Notice Board

If you would like your child to have a fruit snack in the morning, Please pay £1 on a MONDAY for the week. You are welcome to provide your own fruit but please clearly label with your childs name.

If you would like your child to bring a water bottle to school, please ensure that it is labelled with your child's name and this will be made available to them throughout the morning.

Please label all clothing. As the children all have the same uniform we are unable to find lost clothing that isn't labelled.

Please also label your child's bag (ON THE OUTSIDE) so that it can be clearly identified by the children and staff, this will help us to send the correct bag home with each child.

P.E. is on a Friday morning, please could children wear joggers or leggings with their school tops and a pair of trainers as this is more comfortable for them. Children are unable to take part if they are wearing jewellery. (Stud earrings can be covered over with plasters before coming to school)

Autumn Term


This term our topic is

Do you Want To Be Friends?



to all our new Nursery boys and girls.

First Day in School

We have been talking about ourselves and how we are different. We have been reading the book - "It's OK to be different"



Today we have a great story on how everyone is different and thats ok. Our differences are what make us beautiful and unique.

"This is me" paintings

As our theme is "Would you like to be my friend?" we have been talking about what makes a good friend and how we can be a good friend.

What makes a good friend?

Rocking Dan Teaching Man. What makes a good friend? A song about the things that make someone a good friend for children.

We have been talking about the Autumn time and how the leaves on the trees change colour and fall to the ground. We have been learning a lovely song about Autumn leaves.

Seasons Song for Kids ♫ Autumn Leaves are Falling Down ♫ Fall Kids Song ♫ by The Learning Station

Enjoy our popular seasons, autumn (fall) and preschool song for children with lyrics, "Autumn Leaves are Falling Down" (To the tune of "London Bridges").

We have printed lovely Autumn leaves on a tree

We have been learning to recognise and form the number 1. We use the rhyme - Start at the top and down we run, 1, 1, 1.

Our number 1 activities

Writing 1 in shaving foam

Decorating a number 1

Writing number 1 on the whiteboard

Chalking number 1 outside

Painting number 1

We are learning to recognise and write 'm'. The rhyme is Maisie, mountain, mountain. (Go down Maisie then over the mountain and over the mountain)

Using the tap-tap box and finding things that start with the "m" sound

Investigation area - leaf rubbing

Making pictures using leaves, sticks, conkers, acorns and pine cones

Using tweezers to pick up the animals - Sorting for colour

September school Fun


We are having lots of practise using scissors, please also have a go cutting out with your child at home.There are some tips and activities in the video below.

Scissor Skills | SCHOOL READINESS | How to teach your child to use scissors correctly

Is your child having trouble with cutting and managing scissors? Here are some tips and activities to help them learn correct scissor skills.

Cutting playdough

Cutting along a line

Investigating vegetables - how do they feel, smell, look? Where do they grow?

Poor Fred the frog has hurt his leg and can not hop or jump, he wants to get off his log and into the pond with his friends, the children have come up with the idea of helping Fred by building him a bridge he can walk across

Weaving our Autumn baskets

We have been sorting farm animals

We have also been sorting animals for colour. We used tweezers to pick each animal up.

We have been learning to recognise and form the number 2 Use the rhyme - Around and back on the railroad track 2, 2, 2

Writing number 2 in foam

Number 2 formation and counting

Writing 2 in glitter

We are learning to recognise and write "a". The rhyme is round the apple, down the leaf. (Go all away around the apple and then down.

We have printed with fruit to continue a repeating pattern


Halloween repeating patterns


Our lovely Firework pictures

Using musical instruments to make firework noises

We watched the fireworks on the whiteboard and listened to the sounds. We had hot chocolate and marshmallows.

For the next few weeks we will be investigating 2D shapes

Cirle, Triangle, Rectangle., Square.

The Shapes Song - Learn shapes - "Shapes are Everywhere"

Children in Need

Thank you for your donations for Children in Need


I am a circle

Watch me turn

Round and round

And you will learn

I'm not straight and

I don't bend

My outside edges

Never end!


We have been making circle people

Sorting shapes


Tommy triangle

is the name for me,

Count my sides

There's 1, 2, 3

Look at our triangle people

Body parts

Parts of the Body Song

We love this song in the Nursery

We used our footprints to measure things in our classroom

We have been talking about when we were babies, how we have grown and the things we have learnt to do.


We made a class friendship recipe. We each chose an ingredient that would help to make a good friendship and we chose how much of it to put in to our recipe. We gave it a big shake and a mix in the parachute.

We then made our own friendship recipes.

Our Class Recipe

A little spoon of sharing.  Ella

A cup of kindness.  Lottie

A jug of good friends.  Apollo

A sprinkle of taking turns.  Alysha

A pinch of good manners (please).  Myles

A big spoon of thank you.  Cody

A big bowl of sorry.  Bonnie

A little spoon of play.  Bobby

A sprinkle of smile.  Dolly-Rose

A spoon of kind hands.  Hallie

A big spoon of kind feet.  Ollie

Good listening.  Daisie

A cup of holding hands.  Lennox

A spoon of kind.  Cobi-John

A pinch of sharing.  Jacob

Stir it.  Amelia

Shake it.  Theo

Stir it.  Kami


We have been learning to recognise and form the number 4

Sesame Street: Feist sings 1,2,3,4

Feist loves counting 1, 2, 3, 4 - counting to the number four.

It's Christmas Time

Christmas jumper day and Christmas dinner

Christmas Party- We brought in delicious party food from home, we danced, played musical statues and pass the parcel.

We hope you enjoyed this years Nativity

(Welcome to Ynysboethlehem)

led by Mr. Milinczuk productions. 

Thank you for providing costumes, i'm sure you will agree the children looked wonderful.

Thank you for your continued support during this difficult first term in Nursery.  We wish you a Happy Christmas and a safe New Year.


February (22nd)


We are very much looking forward to seeing all you boys and girls back in the Nursery this week.

 We have missed our time together and can't wait to see your smiley faces on Tuesday morning.