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September 2019


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Welcome to all the boys and girls in the Nursery Class.

Our Topic This Term is..

What happens when I go to sleep?

Coffee Morning

The Nursery children are busy learning songs and will be joining the Reception class to sing at the coffee morning.

We hope you can join us.


We have been looking at the book "Owl Babies", we have been talking about the story and counting the baby owls and also learning their names. If you would like to share the story with your child, Please watch it below.

Owl Babies Picture Book Animation

Uploaded by Wendy Stafford on 2015-08-26.

Our Owl Babies tuff tray

Play dough Fun - Making owls to put in the nests

The baby owls have been hiding "on" and "under"

Drawing owls on the whiteboard

We have been investigating nocturnal animals

P.E. We have been working with a partner. "Balls and hoops"

October 2019

We are reading the book

"Papa, please get the moon for me"

Please share the video with your child at home

Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me (The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Stories)

In Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me, a young girl asks her Father for the moon, but Papa discovers that the moon is very, very big. Taken from The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Stories collection. Based on Eric Carle's picture book.

Our space tuff tray

We have been talking about daytime and night time

We have been talking about what we do in the daytime and what we do in the night time

Tallest and shortest

We had fun with Dough Disco (You can find Dough disco on YouTube with shonette Bason-Wood if you would like to have a go at home

We have been looking at repeating patterns (2 colours) more pattern work next week.

Talking about light/dark and looking for nocturnal animals

P.E. this week, Using different ways of travelling across the bench

We have been talking about friendships, being kind and having kind hands and kind feet. We have read the book "The Rainbow Fish".

You can watch the story below.

The Rainbow Fish read by Ernest Borgnine

The Rainbow Fish is written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister and read by Ernest Borgnine. The Rainbow Fish is an award-winning book about a beautiful fish who finds friendship and happiness when he learns to share. The book is best known for its morals about the value of being an individual and for the distinctive shiny foil scales of the Rainbow Fish.

Our Rainbow Fish Display

Just a reminder - Don't forget our Halloween disco this Thursday

We have been doing lots of work on Number 1

Our number 1 rhyme

Digit dance - Number 1

Writing number 1 on the whiteboard

Our Halloween Tuff Tray - Making Number 1 spells

Halloween activities - Sorting - pumpkins, spiders, bats, witches hats

Tallest and shortest

Halloween Craft


This week we have been sorting colours in our colour lab

We have been sequencing using 2 colours

Bonfire Activities

We built a bonfire in our tuff tray and talked about Firework Safety.

We watched a firework display on the whiteboard and had hot chocolate and marshmallows.

We had fun making firework pictures

We have been talking about Autumn time and the change in colour on the leaves. We finger painted leaves to make lovely Autumn tree pictures

Making a Remembrance wreath

We had a spotty day for Children in need. Look at the delicious biscuits we decorated.

We have been learning to identify and write the number 2

We threaded 2 cotton reels

We counted out 2 animals

Let's match the socks. 2 socks are a pair

We enjoy looking at books and sharing stories in the book corner. We are using the words: Title, Author, Illustrator, Pages, Words, Spaces, Story.

We had a pyjama day in school and brought in our Teddy Bears. We talked about things that make us happy and we talked about night time routines.



December has been a very busy time in school, so much to do but so much fun.

We have been learning to recognise and form the number 4

Christmas Craft

Christmas Cards

Santa sent us a letter all the way from The North Pole, he sent his reindeers favourite oats and told us how to make special reindeer food that would shine on the ground on Christmas eve night so that he would recognise our houses.


Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas lunch

We went to see Santa at The Rhondda Heritage Park

Our Christmas Concert this year was....

Tha Nativity 

We made gift bags, Reindeer hot chocolate and extra reindeer food to sell in the school Fete.


Our theme for this term is:

Do Dragons Exist

Welcome back to all the Nursery boys and girls, and a big welcome to our 3 new children joining us.

We are learning to recognise and form the number 5


We have been drawing Dragons

Painting Dragons

Labelling a dragon

We are very good at identifying the biggest and smallest

We have been using number cards and counting out Dragons

Revisiting numbers to 5

We learnt how Chinese people celebrate New Year and we joined in with the Celebrations

Giving money in red cards is considered lucky. We wrote Happy New Year in chinese and counted in 5 coins

We used our cutting skills and made lanterns

We painted chinese numbers

Using chopsticks was not an easy activity

Our role play area is now a Chinese Restaurant

We have been using our cutting skills to cut out Dragon eggs


We have been investigating musical instruments, what they are called, What they are made from.......

The sound they make

We have also made our own musical instruments

We have enjoyed making music and copying a simple auditory pattern

We can play the musical instruments and make music in the Dragon Cave

We have been doing a lot of sorting activities

We have been enjoying the book.....


We recorded our observations about Zog from the story

We made a list of the things Zog needed to learn in Dragon school

Valentine's Day Activities

We matched up the patterns on the hearts and we used tweezers to pick up the little hearts and put them into the heart shaped ice cube trays

Shrove Tuesday

Whisking up pancakes in the water and rolling out pancakes in the playdough.

We made delicious pancakes with Mrs Davies

Our KIVA day was all about friendship and being kind to each other.

We used the parachute as a big pancake and sprinkled in all the things we thought would make a good friend.

We have been investigating parts of a Daffodil

trumpet, petals, stem, leaf, bulb and roots.

St David's Day Celebrations

We have been doing lots of work on shapes, this week we have made a circle person.

We have been designing our own dragons, choosing which head, body, tail and wings we thought were the best.

We have been learning to recognise and form the letter i. i i i for insect.

We have been talking about our locality and making maps.

May 2020

It has been quite a while since we have all seen each other and I am sure Nursery you will be missing your friends. If you would like to make a card or a picture, maybe with a little message on the bottom with a little help from an adult, or record a message for your friends in the Nursery, please send it in on seesaw and I will put it here on the website for everyone to see.

W.B. 11/5/20

My message.mp4

Still image for this video